As we recently discussed, Alabama doesn’t have the safest roads to drive on. This means that you will need to prepare your car with the necessary items to take out after a crash. Having your proof of insurance and a notepad in your vehicle’s side pocket can quicken this tedious process.

Arguably the most crucial item towards helping you get compensation for the crash is ironically something that causes multiple motor vehicle accidents. Within the last decade, smartphones have evolved significantly and can now perform multiple functions that can help you cover almost every crucial task you need to perform after getting in an accident. There are plenty of reasons why you need to make sure your phone is not low on power if a Monroeville motorist wrecks your vehicle.

Taking pictures

If you need to prove who is at fault for the accident or to remember the scene of the crash, photographic evidence may be all you need. Just take a couple of shots of your car’s damage, the surrounding conditions that could have contributed to the crash and the other driver’s car, license plate and driver’s license. Make sure you get as much visual proof as you need, as any angle could help the insurance companies and the court determine who was liable.

Record information

If you are the type of person that treats their phone like a notepad, you can put those skills to good use. You can write down details about the crash itself or contact and insurance information you can get from the other driver or the police officer that comes to inspect the accident. Since Alabama is a state that could negate coverage at any slight hint that you contributed to the crash, you should get as much material as you can to better guarantee your recovery.

Contact the right people

Accidents that result in severe damage or put you at odds over whose fault it is with the other driver require the assistance of the local police. The officer will assess the situation and make an official document, which can be crucial if they believe the other driver was responsible. After exchanging information with the officer and the other driver, you can call the insurance company to file a claim and get coverage for the accident. If there are significant damages, you should also report to the Alabama Department of Public Safety.

The offer from the insurance company unfortunately might not compensate for all of your damages from the accident. Their goal is to still make money, so do not be surprised if they try to hold back what you are properly owed. In case this happens, you can also use your phone to contact a local attorney that can utilize all the other information you collected to help you recover from the accident.