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November 2018 Archives

How does grading work in a special education setting?

The United States likes competition. It's a factor in nearly everything we do. Even school. The general rule of thumb is that school work gets graded on a standard scale with A being best and F being worst. C is considered average and passing, but many experts hold the view that such grades really only measure who is beating whom, not how well a child is learning. There's also the issue of grade inflation.

Size isn't the only thing that makes truck accidents a challenge

All motoring accidents are not created equal. An accident between two cars can allow occupants to walk away almost unscathed. The same usually isn't true for collisions involving commercial trucks. Serious or fatal injury is much more likely for occupants of the smaller vehicle.

Listing for SSDI compassionate allowance no guarantee of benefits

The Social Security Administration is not known for speed or customer relationship management. A phone call to a call center can mean being on hold for an hour or more and be followed by a 10 minute conversation that resolves nothing.

To fight for your special needs child, know due process rights

The law entitles all children in Alabama an education that prepares them to be as productive in life as they can be. Parents pay taxes to cover the cost of fulfilling that obligation and federal and state laws set minimum expectations for what is to be delivered. But the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), anticipating that parents and administrators won't always agree on how to meet those standards, also spells out steps to take to ensure fairness in application.

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