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December 2018 Archives

Tips to advocate better for your child with Down Syndrome

A great deal of progress has been made in understanding individuals with Down Syndrome. Prior to the 1980s, history records that the vast majority of individuals with this genetic anomaly spent their lives in institutions. Experts generally believed those with the condition couldn't learn. Today, we know that isn't true. Indeed, the tide has shifted such that most children with Down syndrome in Alabama attend regular schools. Many live full lives. Some have even obtained college degrees.

Once the SSDI begins, do you know your backstop options?

We have noted before that it can be a grind to get the approval necessary to begin receiving Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The Social Security Administration's job is to provide for the needs of those who qualify for these programs, but meeting requirements to clear the eligibility threshold can be difficult and frustrating without support.

Despite simple premise, workers' comp is legally complicated

Suffering an injury on the job is not like being injured on your own time. Alabama's workers' compensation law entitles employees hurt at work to compensation under a no-fault system. Medical treatment for that injury, whatever it might entail -- doctor or hospital visits, prescriptions, medical equipment – is covered by workers' compensation insurance, not private coverage. Cash benefits to make up for lost wages can be part of the equation as well.

'ABLE' accounts: Helping life planning for special needs children

The cost of living is high for anyone. Alabama families with special-needs children, whether they involve physical, developmental or educational issues, discover early on that expenses for those children are even higher and present significant challenges for their lifetimes.

The most dangerous areas to drive near during the holidays

The holidays tend to rank high when it comes to the amount of car crashes and fatalities compared to the rest of the year. Though Thanksgiving and the 4th of July are often considered by many to have the most traffic incidents, there is no shortage of them around Christmas either. Alabama is already a dangerous state to drive in, and the risk just gets higher during December thanks to holiday drivers and unpredictable weather.

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