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January 2019 Archives

Working from home can pose interesting workers' comp questions

A lot has changed in the past 10 years when it comes to employment models. The standard of reporting to a company site to fulfill the work has changed dramatically. According to one analysis of U.S. Census data, the population of regular business employees that works some time from home has increased 140 percent since 2005.

Exercising special ed rights requires understanding conditions

Children don't come with handbooks. Parenting can involve a lot of trial and error. That can create a lot of anxiety, a situation that only compounds if a child receives a diagnosis of having one of the developmental issues encompassed by the autistic spectrum.

Why winter is a dangerous season for nurses

The medical industry can have some of the most physically and mentally daunting jobs in the nation. Even though most of them focus on saving sick or injured patients, there have been plenty of times where they need saving themselves. Nurses often rank high when it comes to the amount of workplace injuries every year.

The disruption that comes with interagency disputes

Anyone experienced in dealing with Alabama motor vehicle accidents appreciates that while a deadly collision happens in an instant, it takes weeks, months, sometimes even years, to resolve a case. Managing life after the crash and the complicated legal proceedings related to protecting victim rights and holding liable parties accountable is easier with a skilled attorney at your side.

Sometimes a good goal is to shoot for less than perfect

Imagine this picture. An 11-year-old student retreats to his room to do homework after supper. At 11 p.m. you knock and enter and find him surrounded by crumpled papers, broken pencils and in a sobbing heap. The child has attention deficit disorder (ADD), also called ADHD, and this is what hours of homework has led to.

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