Summer has one of the highest crash rates out of any season no matter what part of the country you live in. Drivers need to be on high alert around this time of year so they can stay away from any driver that demonstrates dangerous road behavior.

While speeding is a common hazard during any part of the year, it especially picks up once it starts getting hotter outside in Alabama. Drivers should know why they have a high chance of encountering faster motorists during this season.

Dry days

Climate data reveals that while July has some of the most rainfall and thunderstorms of the year, the early and latter months of summer don’t. June and August have some of the lowest average amount of precipitation every year in Alabama.

How does this relate to speeding? While there are plenty of reckless drivers that go fast in the rain, many of them slow down once it starts pouring. The more dry days there are, the more likely you’ll run into people pressing their foot on the pedal. Even though you won’t have to worry about hydroplaning on these days, you’ll still need to keep a close eye out for those taking too much advantage of these conditions.

Teen troubles

In 2016, speeding was a factor in 32 percent of crashes involving teen drivers. During the summer, you’ll encounter many young motorists who are only just getting their licenses or are spending their time off on the road. Some go too fast out of inexperience while others are enjoying their new driving privileges too much.

Even though Alabama is often labeled as one of the worst states to drive in the state, recent studies show that it also has one of the lowest rates of issuing speed tickets. Though some believe it’s because some drivers have improved, others believe that this is due to the number of rural roads in the state that don’t receive enough attention.

Regardless, you need to make sure you are aware of what legal options are available to you if you suffer from an automobile accident during these dangerous months.