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September 2019 Archives

What can I do if the school is not following the IEP?

Parents want to know that when their children are in school, they are getting the support and guidance they need to get the education they deserve. Unfortunately, too many children across Alabama are not receiving as high of qualify of education as they should.

4 reasons the SSA may deny Social Security disability benefits

If you suffer from a severe impairment, it can be crucial to utilize the support resources available. This includes Social Security disability benefits, for which you may qualify if you cannot work because of a disabling condition.

Tips to tell your teen driving to school for the first time

As a parent, you might feel a sense of relief once your teen finally gets their driver’s license. You no longer have to take time out of your schedule to drive them to school or soccer practice. Their schedules can be wildly inconsistent once they are in high school, but now they can take themselves to wherever they need to go.

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