If you suffer from a severe impairment, it can be crucial to utilize the support resources available. This includes Social Security disability benefits, for which you may qualify if you cannot work because of a disabling condition.

Unfortunately, this system is notoriously frustrating to navigate, and the Social Security Administration is quick to deny claims. However, understanding the reasons why the SSA commonly denies claims can help you avoid mistakes that could trigger a wrongful denial.

  1. Your condition is not disabling. The SSA considers a disabling condition one that prevents you from performing substantial amount of work for at least 12 months. They have a lengthy list of qualifying conditions, but you must prove that you have a qualifying condition and that it is severe. You must do this with supporting medical records and other evidence. If your application does not prove your condition qualifies, the SSA may deny it.
  2. They do not have enough information. In addition to medical evidence, the SSA requires information on your work history, personal information and other data. If you do not include everything the representative needs to make a decision on your claim, he or she can deny it rather than take the time to seek out the missing information. Because of this, it can be helpful to have an attorney review the application and spot potential gaps in your information.
  3. You do not qualify for SSDI. In addition to meeting the definition of disability, you must also have sufficient work history in the form of work credits. You earn these credits through working in jobs covered by Social Security. People can earn up to four credits every year, and the number you need to be eligible for benefits depends on your age. More specifically, older workers need more credits. If you do not have enough credits, the SSA can deny your application.
  4. You are not complying with your doctor’s orders. If you do not attend necessary doctor’s appointments, take prescribed medication or undergo recommended surgery, your claim may be denied unless you have an acceptable reason for noncompliance.

Knowing these are the reasons why the SSA denies many applications for disability benefits can help you as you complete your own application.