The late summer and early fall months are some of the most terrifying times of the year for residents of southeastern states like Alabama. It’s time to keep a close eye on storm forecasts and the national news, because it’s hurricane season.

As families in the line of fire prepare to evacuate, many local industries are preparing for the potential fight of their lives. Several local workers are at risk of getting hurt by the storm regardless if they operate during or after the heavy winds pass through. It is important to know what employees face obstacles as the most dangerous storms of the year threatens the population.

Emergency responders

Paramedics, firefighters and other rescue teams are arguably some of the most active workers during the most hazardous times of the storm. When Alabama got word of Hurricane Dorian approaching Florida, they sent out several firefighters to the Sunshine State to aid in rescue and relief efforts. These workers often deal with the ugliest parts of the storm such as flooding, loose debris and occasionally panicking victims, so they need to know what options are available for workers’ compensation before they head out to help.

Truck drivers

Those driving a truck or another commercial vehicle should pay attention to vulnerable areas that declare a State of Emergency, which means hours of service will be suspended in certain counties for a couple of days. Recently, Florida declared one for 26 counties when Hurricane Dorian was approaching, though they did lift regulations for drivers that provide direct assistance for the relief. Aside from typical storm hazards such as flooding and high winds, commercial motorists need to be careful of incoming traffic for residents evacuating the counties.

Construction and repair services

Many major work injuries occur after the hurricane passes through instead of during it. The storm may be over, but there are still broken power lines, mountains of debris and plenty of dirty water everywhere. Construction and repair workers already deal with dozens of work hazards on a daily basis, but now they have several new obstacles to worry about as they help clean and rebuild decimated parts of the unlucky cities.

Workers who receive major injuries during the relief efforts should contact an attorney to see how they can qualify for workers’ compensation.