An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is a written plan for a student with a disability that outlines measurable annual goals and states what special education services and related supplementary aid the school system will provide. It also serves as an agreement and communication tool between the parents of the child and the school system.

Who develops the IEP?

A team of school personnel and the child’s parents work together to formulate the IEP. The team may include the following individuals:

  • The parents of the student
  • A special education teacher
  • A public education teacher
  • Someone who can interpret evaluation data, such as test scores
  • A representative of the school district, who can allocate appropriate resources
  • Representatives from other agencies who may be able to provide additional pertinent aid or transition services
  • The student, if appropriate

What are the components of an IEP?

Although every IEP is unique to each child, IEPs must include specific components and information in Alabama. This information includes:

  • A record of current academic performance levels, including an analysis of how the child’s disability affects the child’s progress with the general curriculum
  • Measurable goals for each school year, which may include academic, social and behavioral elements
  • A list of special education and related services, if necessary
  • The extent to which the child will participate in general education and engage with children without disabilities; the goal is to maximize these opportunities for every child
  • A plan for delivering services and modifications
  • A determination of how the school will measure and report the student’s progress
  • What devices or support the district will provide for academic or school-sponsored non-academic activities
  • What special accommodations the school will provide for state or district-wide tests
  • Measurable goals for transition or vocational planning
  • A plan for behavioral assessments, if relevant
  • A plan for extended school year services, if relevant
  • Communication accommodations, if necessary

The IEP team must work together to agree on a plan that will offer the student the best path to success in their academic career.