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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Safety advocates object to plan easing truck driver regulations

Safety advocates warn that U.S. drivers may be placed at a higher risk over a Department of Transportation plan to loosen rules over the hours a truck driver can work. The trucking industry has wanted the regulations eased for some time, according to The Associated Press.

Cleared jurisdiction hurdle doesn't bring closure on crash cause

Last month, we provided a glimpse into how investigations into some fatal motor vehicle crashes can present significant challenges. It is not only family members who have lost loved ones that face these difficulties. At times, investigating agencies with competing interests can face hurdles. What results is that an already slow process for pursuing compensation for personal injury and damages takes even longer.

The disruption that comes with interagency disputes

Anyone experienced in dealing with Alabama motor vehicle accidents appreciates that while a deadly collision happens in an instant, it takes weeks, months, sometimes even years, to resolve a case. Managing life after the crash and the complicated legal proceedings related to protecting victim rights and holding liable parties accountable is easier with a skilled attorney at your side.

The most dangerous areas to drive near during the holidays

The holidays tend to rank high when it comes to the amount of car crashes and fatalities compared to the rest of the year. Though Thanksgiving and the 4th of July are often considered by many to have the most traffic incidents, there is no shortage of them around Christmas either. Alabama is already a dangerous state to drive in, and the risk just gets higher during December thanks to holiday drivers and unpredictable weather.

Size isn't the only thing that makes truck accidents a challenge

All motoring accidents are not created equal. An accident between two cars can allow occupants to walk away almost unscathed. The same usually isn't true for collisions involving commercial trucks. Serious or fatal injury is much more likely for occupants of the smaller vehicle.

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