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Special Education Law Archives

What is a 504 plan?

Each child learns differently. Great teachers understand this and find avenues to connect with their students to get results. Nevertheless, children with learning disabilities will need special education or individualized instruction through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Plan.

A closer look at IDEA

Families who have children with disabilities might have high anxiety regarding their child's education. They might naturally worry about their child's experience in school. But they might also worry about whether their child's education will meet their child's specific needs or not. 

Developmental milestones for middle schoolers

Every parent knows that children develop at a different rate. This is especially apparent with middle schoolers as some boys will start to look like teenagers while others haven't gotten their growth spurt yet. Some girls will take more of an interest in boys or embrace various fashion trends.

Ensuring use of applied behavior analysis in an IEP

Success in school is not something you as a parent want to leave to chance. The future well-being of every Alabama child depends on each being able to develop to his or her fullest potential. To achieve that, most people agree it's important to develop good study habits. That can be hard to foster in children with qualifying disabilities. Included among those are the characteristics identified as autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Addressing mental health concerns as part of an IEP

Mental health is one of those issues cloaked in social silence. The curtain is drawing back somewhat. The movement toward achieving mental health parity in the provision of health care benefits is one sign of that. Still, evidence remains strong in Alabama and elsewhere that more needs to be done. A recent research letter published on serves as an example.

Exercising special ed rights requires understanding conditions

Children don't come with handbooks. Parenting can involve a lot of trial and error. That can create a lot of anxiety, a situation that only compounds if a child receives a diagnosis of having one of the developmental issues encompassed by the autistic spectrum.

Sometimes a good goal is to shoot for less than perfect

Imagine this picture. An 11-year-old student retreats to his room to do homework after supper. At 11 p.m. you knock and enter and find him surrounded by crumpled papers, broken pencils and in a sobbing heap. The child has attention deficit disorder (ADD), also called ADHD, and this is what hours of homework has led to.

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